The Kickboxing Circuit

By combining kickboxing, HIIT, and strength training, you will burn more calories than any other fitness program out there.  You should expect to burn anywhere from 450-1,000+  calories during our 50-minute workout.  How? Your body is required to do more work when leveraging the resistance of a bag to punch and kick, which ultimately increases your heart rate and your caloric burn.  In the strength portion of the workout, we leverage kettlebells and resistance bands to increase muscle mass.  The more calories you burn and the more lean muscle you build, the more the fat will melt away.

Regardless of your fitness level, this program will work for you.  Our instructors will lead you through several rounds of challenging exercises both on and off the bag.  For the more challenging exercises, your instructor will always provide a modification.  So please do not think you need to be at a certain level in order to long as you have the heart and the determination, then you are a perfect fit for our program. 

So jump in, lace up and get ready to kick some butt.  We are excited to be a part of your journey and can't wait to see you KNOCKOUT your goals.


The Kickboxing Circuit was designed and created to help others achieve their fitness goals.  Sometimes getting in shape and losing weight can seem unattainable (we know...we've been there!), but with a rock solid's yours for the taking.  With the right exercise, nutrition, accountability and motivation, you can meet those goals and relish in the new you.  And our goal, is to help you get there.

Here's what you can expect from The Kickboxing Circuit program:

  • Lose weight
  • Lose fat, while increasing muscle mass
  • Reduce stress
  • Sweat, sweat...and then sweat some more
  • Have FUN!